Research & Training


We are a teaching and training practice and this means that from time to time we will have medical students from various clinical specialities. This will include Doctors, Nurses, Nursing associates, Physician associates, Health Care assistants and Phlebotomists.

As part of our accreditation to train doctors intending to become general practitioners, the practice needs to be regularly inspected for this purpose, and this involves inspection of the medical records.  Only doctors approved for this purpose will do this, and they will respect completely the confidentiality of any information. Nevertheless, if you do not want your records to be available for inspection then please inform the practice of your wishes.

Sometimes the doctor may wish to video record their consultations and in this case your permission will always be requested beforehand. 

Students may also be attached to the practice from time to time and they may sit in with one of the doctors or nurses during consultations. You will be asked if you would prefer not to have someone else there when you consult the doctor and your wishes will always be met.

Our nurses and health visitors also train students who may accompany them during their work.

Further information about training in this practice is available from the receptionist.

We were delighted with our latest feedback from a St Georges Hospital (London) Medical Student!!…

‘The clinical and non-clinical staff at this practice are outstanding. They are incredibly supportive and work together in a beautifully synergistic fashion. The nurses and HCAs are incredible and the administrative staff are the friendliest and most helpful you could ask for. I sat in with all the doctors at some point and though differing in consultation style they are all effortlessly exceptional with their patients. As a new medical student I was made to feel completely at ease with everyone and I was embraced as a member of the team. The level of kindness and the sincere desire to help me and each other was truly staggering – this practice is a gem in the crown of the NHS, a shining example of excellent practice. I arrived at Alexander House with zero interest in becoming a GP. Leaving I would go back and work there in a heartbeat; this has given me a lot to think about for my future career. If I could, I’d send every student to this practice to see just how lovely and rewarding general practice can be. If ever there was an example of how a GP surgery should work, this is it. Yes Farnborough is a little out of the way but this little practice is worth its weight in gold.’

Medical Research Council

The Medical Research Council is a government-funded organisation which supports high quality research with the aim of maintaining and promoting human health.

This practice is a member of the Medical Research Council’s General Practice Research Framework – a national group of general practices interested in research on many topics including prevention of heart disease, long-term use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), low back pain, asthma, diabetes and assessment of elderly people.

If the practice takes part in a study we might like to pass your name, address and age as recorded on our practice computer, to the Medical Research Council. If we do, the information will remain confidential and be used only to choose a sample of patients whom we would then contact to ask whether they would consider helping with some research. If we contacted you, you would be free to refuse to help without your medical care being affected.

To choose the best sample it is important that we are able to pass everyone’s details to the Medical Research Council. However, you are free to refuse permission for us to pass on your details and if you wish to do so please see one of the doctors.

Thank you all for your help.