Hypertension Plus

What is Hypertension (high blood pressure)?

Your heart is pumping blood to your brain and the rest of your body and the ‘blood pressure’ is the force placed on the walls of your arteries. If the pressure is consistently too high, it puts a strain on your heart and could lead to strokes, heart attacks and kidney damage.

The 1st step to reducing your risk is to check your blood pressure regularly — so that your doctor can give you the best advice and an up-to-date and personalised treatment plan.

What is Hypertension Plus?

Hypertension plus is a platform created by OMRON, which is being rolled out across the Farnborough GP practices enabling patients to monitor their blood pressure and improve control through quick and easy contact with their GP surgery.

To find out more about Hypertension plus please visit the link below – Hypertension Plus (omron-healthcare.co.uk)

Or watch a brief video on how Hypertension Plus works via the links below –

Guide to taking blood pressure.pdf

To register for Hypertension Plus please click https://www.omron-healthcare.co.uk/hypertensionplus?unique_id=YZi++LFSHFza/iSUjtg7ELMVxvkyBSt77Tnq2SCykFVyCGHv5rHwBaFW/iUc/pZW

To download the Hypertension Plus App

Your practice will be in contact to provide you with a BP machine if you are eligible. If you are not eligible you can purchase a BP Machine from the list of approved merchandise here